A better way to rent in London is here…

It's your life. Live it how you want.

At The Forge, a better way to rent in London has arrived; a collection of exceptional townhouses and apartments in Upton Park E6 shaped by the things you’re looking for in a new home. Not just a place to come back to at the end of a busy day, but a community of neighbours and friends where every resident and individual is made to feel part of something bigger. And better.

The Forge: Apartments and townhouses to rent in London

In this proud part of London in which ships were built to sail the world over and ironworks engineered this bustling metropolis from the ground up, The Forge is now writing the latest chapter. Your chapter. We’ve created this extraordinary collection of 125 new townhouses and apartments for rent in London – and we’re now ready to welcome you inside.

Here you’ll find 1 and 2-bedroom apartments combined with 3 and 4-bed townhouses – built exclusively for rent and to give you the flexibility and freedom you want from life. It can be seen in the bold, stylish design of our homes and the irresistible furniture packages we offer as an optional extra.

And then there’s the resident amenities and services, provided at no extra cost to anyone who chooses to live here. Residents’ lounge, onsite gym and rooftop terraces provide your chill-out areas and break-out spaces – whether it’s working out or working from home. It’s all literally right here on your very doorstep.

Why choose The Forge?

There are plenty of compelling reasons to choose The Forge if you’re looking for a new home to rent in London. Living your life the way you want to means your time and money are precious to you. Why not spend them on all the things you enjoy? By providing you with the resident amenities that are essential to how you work, rest and play right here onsite AND at no extra cost, make your money go further.

How about choosing to rent an apartment or townhouse in London that helps build your credit score – and, in doing so, looking after your future? It’s been made possible at The Forge thanks to our deposit-free renting opportunity. Of course, it also means more money that stays in your pocket when it’s time to move in. We believe that a price tag shouldn’t stop you choosing the lifestyle you want.

And don’t forget our dedication to your happiness and wellbeing. The resident services managers here at The Forge are the people you can go to with any question or problems. It’s all part of the experience of life with us; knowing there’s always someone to wave you off in the morning and welcome you back in the evening. What more could you want from a place to rent in London?

Homes for everyone at The Forge

Our homes at The Forge are for everyone. With a sensational mix of apartments and townhouses up to 4 bedrooms, there’s a home to match all lifestyles and life stages here. Moving to London for the first time? Looking with a loved one for that first place together? Or in need of some more room for the family? We’ll help you find what you’re looking for – with everything extra that comes with it.

How do I make the move to The Forge?

We’re still applying the finishing touches to our homes at The Forge. After all, we want everything to be just right before you move in. But you can now register your interest and even look around our striking show homes for a sneak preview of how we’re changing what it’s like to rent in London.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be able to keep you posted, arrange a personal tour or even answer any questions you have. We don’t need your life story to start with – just a few details to help us make sure we match you with the best home option for you. Use our online contact form, give us a call on +44 (0) 333 210 0043 or email enquire@theforgeliving.co.uk. We can’t wait to hear from you.